Love Conquers All: Kali Mathias knows being cursed with a beauty like hers, it’s less likely for a man’s eye to want a second glimpse of her. Not until the day, her eye rested upon Mr. Glen Monroe. The one man, who would not easily be had. A woman needs an exclusive invitation to taste the passion that waits them inside Glen’s empire. A colorful world of green where a taste of love portrays revenge, deceit, and lust where a beautiful woman can partake of such pleasures.

 Glen and Kali was both undergoing a broken heart at the hands of a twisted shade of green when they first met. Glen got Kali, and Kali got Glen. Kali thinks she will never be acceptable; not slim enough, not tall enough, or pretty enough to please a man. Whereas Glen knows he was more than enough; he was handsome and breathtaking at the same time. He was more than enough for any woman to behold. Regardless of that discord, they both confusingly questioned their faith in God and opted for a doltish lifestyle; her on a lustful appetite, his on revenge.

 Glen’s faith was almost null to void where he believes that all he had is enough to get him through life. And, Kali, on the other hand, has the notion God just wasn’t working fast enough; not quicker than her cash. Glen and Kali were two lost people trying to survive in a world minus a heavenly net; God! They lost their way, but God never forgot them. He defeated the hands of Satan by refuting a pair of wrongful eyes from an unjust sight of Kali in the arms of another man. As God embodies Kali with a heart of compassion to forgive Glen; flaws and all.  Instead, God turns one date among two total opposite hearts into one which requires each other to be alive in the midst of any storm. Also, God taught both Glen and Kali a lesson; He taught her to realize that not everything had a price tag; at least not real love! And, He taught him that even love can conquer the grips of a heart’s revenge!