E-Book /Nook   ISBN: 9781546206163    Price:  $3.99

6x9 Soft Cover  ISBN: 9781546206170   Price: $16.95

E-Book /Nook   ISBN: 9781546249979    Price:  $3.99

5x8 Soft Cover  ISBN: 9781546249962   Price: $13.99

A Twisted Shade Of Green

Love Conquers All! Two opposites illustrate how love can conquer hearts of lust, revenge, and deception. Kali Mathias possesses an appetite of lust, and Glen Monroe has a raging spirit for vengeance. And together, Glen and Kali both have deceit souls within. But, love turns one date among two total conflicting hearts into one which requires each other to be alive in the midst of any storm. Through a new-found love, God taught Kali to know that not everything has a price tag; at least, not real love! God taught Glen to realize even love can conquer the grips of a sought-after heart’s revenge!

Escaping Rapture Of Devotion

A love bound by a set of Boy-Friend Rules. So many unreal demands, they make Ella Epstein’s quest for true love like the Argentina Tango in a world riveting with so many passionate twists and turns. A simple taste of Ella’s romance is so absorbing she never recognizes Aaron McNeil. Her Knight in Shining Armor as his image stares her fervently in her beguiling eyes.

Aaron, a God-fearing man, so willing to love her at all cost. Yet, his thirst for Ella seizes her heart by storm turning her universe inside out. A romance at first sight that’s so impossible for her heart to trust, but still so spellbinding to her very soul until a forgotten phone number steals it all away.