About The Author

     Eloise Epps MacKinnon, Christian Romance Author, Motivational Speaker, and a Servant of God. In all of these roles, she advocates for the empowerment of our women and children. She’s an active part of the Children’s Ministry at church because it’s never too early for someone to learn their god-given purpose in society. A life brand in which God gave his only Son for us to achieve without a cost; the choice and power to be true to ourselves, unmask our inner beauty, and let Him shine through us.


    Eloise’s novels: Escaping Rapture Of Devotion, A Twisted Shade Of Green - Portrayal Of Lust And Revenge,  and  A Twisted Shade Of Green - Lies and Secrets. Her books were written with a message for everyone who thinks they’re too broken for God to fix. As well as everyone who society has taught; they are less desirable because of race, the shade of their skin, weight, texture/length of hair, level of education, living environment, job status, etc. Well, that list can go on and on. But, through Eloise’s writings and speaking engagements, she prays to empower everybody not to accept the labels which society has branded us with; instead, the one that God gave His only Son for us to achieve.


      Eloise’s cause is to empower readers through trust and faith in God to know He equipped us with “Choice”! So, readers through her novels, she prays to furnish you with the words on all pages to elect your rights to stand-up and be proud of who we are, regardless of what others think! And, even though our lives may or may not parallel the characters in the books, the fairy tale happy ever after. It can be represented by all the struggles endured and the trust and faith the characters possessed to achieve the faithful ending. And, just like God, answered their prayers, He can and will do the same for each of us as promised in His words; the Holy Bible.